It was with some trepidation that I listened in to this Monday’s Apple developer event, the WWDC keynote address. I have 16GB iPhone 3G, a current top-of-the-range model. With all speculation before the event it was clear that Apple were going to release a new model. But what were they going to include? Were they going to include the kitchen sink as some had been suggesting?

Fortunately, as the change in name would suggest, the new iPhone 3GS is an evolution rather than a revolution. Apple claim it has twice the magic which should equate to much faster application loading and probably better games too. In reality it’ll mean twice the cpu speed or twice the memory, or more likely both. It appears that the biggest change is that the iPhone 3GS contains a new graphics chick which gives it seven times the graphics throughput, Seven times!

The extra disk space that comes with a 32GB 3GS is nice, but is unlikely to be a reason to pay the extra for a 3GS. The same with voice dialling. The new phone does contain a compress, which will certainly make using the mapping application easier, and will allow for some really nice apps. When Google change Google Earth to us the compress it’ll be really nice to use.

I’m not going to pay the extra to upgrade before my contract is up, but I’ll certainly be a bit jealous of those with a new 3GS.