Chart Changes

For several years I’ve written and maintained a GreaseMonkey script which adds chart change information to your music charts. The biggest problem with a greasemonkey script is that you don’t control the page you’re modifying. Last week, for the umpteenth time, changed their page again and broke the script.

Fortunately, I’ve fixed the script and have taken the opportunity to improve the webservice that it uses. This means that the charts should be more cachable to improve performance for you and reducing bandwidth usage for me. I’ve also added support for weekly charts so they’ll now have chart change information, as they used to before’s most recent redesign removed it.

Finally, because my host recently increased the disk space on all their plans by a third, I’m able to increase the length of time all charts are stored for 30 to 120. Unfortunately as I had to delete all the chart change information you won’t see a change initially but gradually you’ll see your charts are available for longer and longer.

You can download the updated script here.