XBox 360 USB Hard Disks

Today some very strong rumours have appeared which state that Microsoft is planning to introduce the ability to use an external USB hard disk with the XBox 360. Bizarrely these are going to limited to 16GB, which for a modern harddisk is incredibly tiny. The Xbox has recently been updated to include a 250GB hard disk in the top of the range version but, that is still puny in hard disk terms. Given that more and more games feature DLC, and Microsoft is pushing the movie watching capabilities these limits on the amount of data you can store can easily bite even moderate users, let alone hard core gamers.

I do love my XBox, but it’s the artificial limitations like this that really annoy me.


Author: Andrew Wilkinson

I'm a computer programmer and team leader working at the UK grocer and tech company, Ocado Technology. I mostly write multithreaded real time systems in Java, but in the past I've worked with C#, C++ and Python.

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