New Flickr Home Page

Flickr are in the process of testing a new style home page for logged in users. The process of switching is pretty fancy, once you click ok the old page fades out and is replaced by the flickr throbber which floats down the screen like snow flakes.

The new page is not really that different to the old page, but it does have slightly more information on it. I’m not quite sure what the point of the redesign was – it was nowhere near as dramatic as Facebook or’s recent revamps.

Flickr’s website has changed little over the past year so it’s nice to see that the website won’t stagnate, and that new features are being added.


Author: Andrew Wilkinson

I'm a computer programmer and team leader working at the UK grocer and tech company, Ocado Technology. I mostly write multithreaded real time systems in Java, but in the past I've worked with C#, C++ and Python.

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